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Concept Design


We were asked to come up with a design and specification for the ideal alpine coaching outfit. The client brief was clear that it wasn't just a matter of modifying a ski jacket and pants to suit. We started with a clean sheet of paper and a long list of coaching staff must haves.

Snow sports coaches spend so much time out in the mountain environment some of it moving and working, course setting, carrying gates and gear, much of it standing and kneeling in the cold watching athletes. 


SPECIFICATIONS: For materials we chose the best combination we could find; The exterior fabrics were chosen for their durability, stretch, breathability and weather proof properties. A combination of Dermizax from Toray in Japan and a 3layer WB-400 from Swiss supplier Schoeller, and the super tough stretch Schoeller-dynamic.

For both garments we specified varied weights of Thinsulate XTS platinum insulation which incorporates silver fibre technology, a premium product that inhibits odour build up. This combined with an interior lining mix of MAPP merino honeycomb knit and the Thermoplus brushed liner fabrics incorporated into a stable panel constuction resulting in a high performance/comfort garment lining.


GARMENT DESIGN: A roomy comfortable fit was developed for both garments and venting zip placement to allow breathability. We allowed for full range of movement and strategic internal and external pocket placement and sizes. Double layers applied on high wear areas and One-armour pads in extreme use areas such as the knees.

Practicality, durability and comfort were the key design baselines.



The team in the One workroom then got stuck in and using all the spec'd materials, hand-cut, triple stitched, sealed and finished the prototype garments for testing on snow.


Once the coach's had delivered their feedback we fine-tuned the design and construction, made and delivered the hand finished and bespoke fitted outfits to each coach.

“My One coach's outfit, you guys nailed the brief and it  came out great. Brilliant range of movement and  after a whole season of coaching still super durable.   The fit, warmth, pocket placment and sizing is perfect”.

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